Income Tax Preparation for Individuals and Small Businesses

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Please contact us for rates or pricing for your tax return or consultation. We charge according to the complexity of the return, and the amount of time necessary for bookkeeping, tabulating receipts, and other accounting tasks.

We’re in the office all year, and happy to answer any questions you might have. During the tax season from February to April, we have extended hours available by appointment.

Phone and fax: (909) 593-0355

Areas of Practice

Individual Tax Returns

Individual tax returns utilize Form 1040 for the IRS federal return, and for the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), it’s Form 540. We can file returns for other states, and we offer electronic filing and refunds via direct deposit. We can also help with extension requests if additional time is needed for accurate filing.

fiduciary tax returns

Fiduciary tax returns are generally for trusts or estates, and these utilize Form 1041. Fiduciary returns often generate K1s much like business returns. These K1s are for beneficiaries, and they flow to the individual return or 1040. Fiduciary returns need an EIN, which we can request from the IRS. We’ll also need a copy of the trust, attorney letters, and other pertinent documents to help complete the return.

Business Tax returns

Small business tax returns include corporations (S and C), partnerships, and LLCs. For sole proprietors, the Schedule C within the 1040 is also a business form. Some business returns will generate K1s, which flow to the individual return or 1040. Business returns generally require bookkeeping for income and expense totals.

amended and back-year returns

If you’re behind in filing, you may have received a letter from the IRS or FTB. We can file older, back-year returns to help get you up-to-date with your filing requirements. We can also amend tax returns that need correction. Some back-year returns can be filed electronically, but amended returns are generally mailed-in and have longer response times.

tax planning and consultation

We have extended hours during the tax season, and we’re also in the office all year to help with tax planning and consultation. Many tax questions can be handled via phone or email, and for more complicated issues we can schedule an appointment and create a tax planner.

help with income tax problems

Receiving a letter from the IRS or FTB is often a worrisome experience. We can help interpret this correspondence, and walk you through the process of responding and correcting any issues. While some tax audits are extensive, many only concern one or two points of the return. The first step is for us to view the letter, which can be sent to us via fax, mail, or email.